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Where pigeons have accessed a vacant building they can rapidly accelerate the degradation of the property from just the appearance through to actual structural damage. In addition to property damage there are also health concerns associated with pigeon guano accumulations such as Psittacosis and Salmonella. They can be a health hazard to anyone living or working in the vicinity and may present a real problem for people with underlying health issues.

Pigeon guano can occur in the form of light deposits through to heavy accumulations inside buildings, on roof areas and very often in difficult to reach areas or confined spaces. Therefore, it is very important to introduce and plan for the cleaning and sanitising of affected areas to reduce the both the negative appearance and effect to your property and to avoid any potential health setbacks.

Upon receiving an enquiry we will arrange an initial free site survey to assess the levels of contamination and to draw up a plan, with the client, on how best to tackle the problem. This will be followed by the submission of a written quotation for consideration.

To arrange a no obligation site visit please contact us on 01782 213333.



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